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Exercising A RV Generator

Cummins Onan 5500 Generator
I had picked up from various sources that running the coach generator was a good idea for at least an hour a month. Then I started reading the manual for our generator and discovered how important “exercising” an RV generator really is.

When you don’t use an RV generator regularly, moisture builds up and the system starts to degrade. For our Cummings Onan 5500 gas generator, it is recommended that it be run at a minimum of 50% capacity for two hours every four weeks. It is best to run the generator for one long rather than several small periods of time. This keeps the internal parts lubricated, gets moisture our of the system, and prevents what’s called varnishing.

We were worried that we would not be able to run the generator while at the storage lot, so Amber asked the management and they said it was ok. I have gone to the storage lot to check on Irving and while I was there the last two times, I ran the generator for over an hour each time with both air conditioning unit running. It was very necessary to run both A/C units since it was over 100 degrees in the coach when I arrived.

We are definitely learning these things as we go along. It helps to learn as much as you can about your particular RV so you can keep it running for many years.

Homemade Sun Shade

Homemade sun shades for our Winnebago Vista LX 35B
Homemade sun shades for our Winnebago Vista LX 35B

The first day in Irving was a hot summer day in Florida. When we got to him, the dealership only had the back A/C on and the front shades were open to the sun all day. Needless to say, it was very hot in there. It took quite a long time to cool down, but once the sun went down, we were OK.

As Amber usually does, she set out to find a solution. She first started looking for pre-made sun shades, but none of them matched the one we have for our car, a silver, reflective sheet that cover the whole windshield. Her next search was Lowe’s web site to find insulation and that’s where she found pretty much the same material our car shade is made out of. She went to measuring and made her cuts, strengthening the edges with duct tape. She got command velcro, you know, the one that doesn’t damage what it’s stuck to. We hung the panels using the velcro and attached each panel together with the same. In the above picture, you can see that it looks fantastic!