Slide Maintenance

I mentioned in a previous post that we heard a very loud sound from the front, driver’s side slide while going to and returning from our trip to St. Augustine, FL in September. We made an appointment to have it looked at, but in the meantime, Amber called Winnebago and talked to a person that said it was a very common problem and we should find the YouTube video on lubricating the gibs in the slide mechanisms on either side of each slide.

I ordered the lubricant from Amazon and when it arrived followed the video’s instructions. Once I did that to all the slides, I noticed that bringing them in and out was much less noisy and a lot smoother. The real test would be driving to see if it made noise.

Today I drove Irving to get a couple of other issues taken care of at a dealership nearby and there was no noise at all. The ride was smooth and was very happy this appeared to work. If you are new, like us, make sure you add this to your maintenance list.

3 thoughts on “Slide Maintenance”

  1. Thank You for linking me the video. I was lubricating the slides wrong.

    I found your site from the Harvest Hosts links page. I will explore it more as this was the first thing I read.

    Thanks again
    William Dohm

    1. William,

      Glad to be of assistance. I like to share the things we have learned with others. When we bought our coach, we had never camped before and we are learning as we go along.

      Hope you enjoy the site!

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