Valterra Products, Inc. A01-0141VP Plastic Carded Removable Anti-Siphon Valve

Cleaning out the black water tank is essential for keeping it clean and smelling good. We use a garden hose with this anti-siphon valve to make sure the contents of the black tank do not end up backwashing into the fresh water supply. We have found that only after two uses, the threads on this are starting to come apart. We will be looking for a metal one very soon, most likely.

Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator

In manual for our coach, it specifically states that we need to make sure the water pressure coming in from fresh water connections is a maximum of 50psi. This neat little tool not only allows you to measure the water pressure coming out of the spigot, but has an adjustment screw so that it can be set. I set ours at 50psi once and have not had to adjust it again.

Valterra W01-9300 Blue 5/8″ x 25′ Drinking Water Hose

Drinking water hoses are essential for either filling your fresh water tank or hooking up to a campground’s water supply. A lot of drinking water hoses are white, but Valterra makes this blue one. 25′ may sound long, but it depends on how far you are away from the fresh water supply.

Valterra T1026-1 45° Clearview Adapter with 3″ Bay

This is essential for making sure your black tank is truly clean when dumping. Our coach has a black tank rinse where we can connect a hose to put water into the black tank while dumping. We open the black valve and observe the water to see if there are any more solids in it. The only way to see the water is to have a clear adapter either at the sewer connection or the valve end. This is a must for keeping tanks clean and smell free.

Valterra D04-0475 Gray 20′ Viper Sewer Hose Kit

Our coach did not come with sewer hoses, so we had to buy some. This kit comes with two 10′ hoses a 90 degree universal sewer adapter. The one we ordered has the clear universal sewer adapter, but the Amazon listing now show this product with a opaque sewer adapter. No big deal, as long as you have a clear fitting on the end that connects to your coach’s dump valve. This is essential for making sure your black and gray tanks are clean while dumping.

Valterra A01-0020VP Brass 90° Lead-Free Hose Saver

When running our fresh water line under our coach and into the fresh water inlet, the hose has to bend 90°. This can kink the hose, reducing it’s life and slowing water flow. We attach this hose save into our fresh water inlet and then to our hose and it no longer has to bend 90° to provide water to the coach. It’s also lead free, which is very important for the health of everyone drinking the water and to comply with local laws regarding lead free pipes.

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