May 28 – Las Vegas, NV to Bakersfield, CA

This leg of the trip was about 276 miles via I15 and CA-58 W through the Nevada and California deserts to the orange groves of Bakersfield. It was extremely windy going through the desert and it was stressful keeping Irving on the road.

The Road to Bakersfield

The desert ended and we started seeing fruit and vegetable farms. It was nice to see some green after the hot, dry desert.

Bakersfield #1

Bakersfield #2

The California Fruit Depot

This shop is right next to the campground we stayed at, so before we set up camp, we decided to take a peek at what we could buy. We wanted to buy everything!

Bakersfield #3

Bakersfield #4

Orange Grove RV Park

I wish we had gotten more pictures of this RV park, but that’s something we intend to do more of in the future. If you look close, you can see the RV spots among the Orange trees. During orange season, people staying there can freely pick the oranges off the trees. When we were there, there were very small, green oranges on the trees. Christopher loved seeing them.

Bakersfield #5

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