May 26-28 – Las Vegas, NV

I was looking forward to this leg of our trip the most before we left. There’s something about Las Vegas that makes me want to keep coming back. I’m not sure what it is, but there is plenty to see there.


Not only is the Bellagio a place to stay, but it has many things to see for any tourist. The famous fountain show is probably the biggest attraction, but inside it houses an amazing topiary display. It was pretty fun to share with Christopher.

Bellagio #1

Bellagio #2

Paris Las Vegas

Christopher loves to look at maps and he loves the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so we had to get a couple of pictures.

Paris #1

Paris #2

Top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Las Vegas

And of course, we had to take the elevator to the top and take in the awesome views of the strip and surrounding area.

Eiffel Tower #1

Eiffel Tower #2

Eiffel Tower #3

Eiffel Tower #4


Luxor is a great destination when in Vegas. Christopher loved seeing the Sphinx all the Egyptian themed items.

Luxor #1

Luxor #2


No trip to Las Vegas is complete without a trip to the top of the Stratosphere. As you can see, it offers amazing 360 degree views of the city. At night it’s extra special with all the lights of the Strip.

Stratosphere #1

Stratosphere #2

John Mull’s Roadkill Grill

We saw this place on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives. I love barbecue and hoped it would be worth the long drive to north Las Vegas. It didn’t disappoint. The food was amazing and Chuck was happy to pose for a selfie.

John Mull's Road Kill Grill #1

John Mull's Road Kill Grill #2

John Mull's Road Kill Grill #3

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