May 19 – Winslow, AZ to Trailer Village, South Rim Grand Canyon

Today’s drive of 128 miles was a breath of fresh air. It was a short drive and we were finally at a stopping point in our journey. For the last 8 days we had moved to a different place each day, packing up and setting up each day. It wears on you a bit, but when you have a goal ahead of you, it keeps you going. Once we got to our campsite on the south rim of Grand Canyon’s Trailer Village, we will be stationary for 6 whole days. I am on vacation from work, so I will be able to rest up from the wear and tear of the journey thus far.

We stopped at a Walmart Super Center on the way to the Grand Canyon to resupply for our stay. Here, Christopher saw and touched snow for the very first time. We were able to have a small snow ball fight.

Christopher’s first time seeing snow.

Finally on the road to the Canyon

The road leading to the south rim.
The road leading to the south rim.
The main gate!

Christopher is happy to be here

Christopher has conquered the rock!

Elk are plentiful at Trailer Village

Camping with elks.

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