May 18 – Albuquerque, NM to Winslow, AZ

Today’s drive of 276 miles was better. Amber drove for 2-3 hours today until she had to stop because her eyes were bothering her. She is going to try again tomorrow. Winds were not as strong as yesterday, but at times I had to keep Irving from heading off into the nothingness on either side of us. We left New Mexico and entered Arizona, one more day until we get to the Grand Canyon. The step grades were enough to slow Irving down again, but he did great. We crossed the Continental Divide in New Mexico, which is 7,275 ft. above sea level.

New Mexico driving:

New Mexico driving.

We crossed the Continental Divide (7,275 ft.) in New Mexico:

Continental Divide in New Mexico

We crossed into Arizona:

Arizona Border

Before setting up camp, we visited Meteor Crater:

Meteor Crater
Astronaut Hall of Fame

We added two more states to our travels:

Our Travels

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