May 13 – Robertsdale, AL to Vicksburg, MS

Our third day started very badly. Amber decided to check Irving’s tires while I was on the other side of our coach. While she was checking the pressure of the passenger side back tire under a slide, she hit her head and opened up a large cut in her scalp.

Nasty cut.

My first feeling was panic. We were far from home and we didn’t know the area. She went to the campground office and both a retired nurse and former EMT said it looked like she needed stitches. We immediately got on our phones looking for an urgent care facility we could go to. Fortunately we found one relatively close by, so we finished getting Irving ready to roll and headed down I-10 to the clinic. She is fine now thanks to the staff.

Clean and Ready for Staples
All Stapled Up

We then focused on getting food and getting back on the road ASAP. With such a late start, I focused on getting to our next stop as quickly as I could.

I-10 eventually led to the rolling hills of Hwy 98 and Hwy 49.

Highway 98 – Mississippi
Highway 98 – Mississippi
Highway 98 – Mississippi

With all that happened the earlier today, a long drive through mostly “back” roads was enough to make all the worries melt away.

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