Finding the right RV for us

We started really talking about looking at RVs in early 2016, we were watching all the shows about RVing. In April we made the decision on a trip back from Disney to stop at a big RV dealer along I-4. At that point we had NO idea what we were looking for. Class A, Class C or Fifth Wheel.  So we asked to look at all of them.  We made it clear that we weren’t buying that day and were just gathering information.  So we looked at a Class A Gas and a couple of Class C’s, one in particular was a Minnie Whinnie.  After looking we went home to do some more research and see what our budget could handle.  Over the next month or so we talked ourselves out of doing this and talked ourselves back into it. Not the right time, need to save more money.  Or if not now, when? Our son, Christopher, is young and still likes hanging out with us and Chris has a job that he can work anywhere as long as he has internet.

We are not campers.  I think that the last time I went tent camping I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.  It rained the entire time and my mom and I slept in the car.  The only other camping I did was with girl scouts when I was 10 and we slept in cabins.  We are not what you would call “roughing it” kind of people.  So in looking at an RV, comfort and amenities were at the top of our list.  We also did a lot of research on quality, we wanted something that would last and hold up well if we decide to do this full time.  We needed space, somewhere Chris could work and bunk beds or a bunkhouse for our son. We also wanted a kitchen with some counter space, which is hard to come by in many RVs.

After all of our research we were torn between a Class A (32-36 feet) and a Fifth Wheel with a bunkhouse.  We have a 2016 CR-V that we purchased in November which obviously would not be suited for towing anything and, as we discovered, can not be towed behind a class A.  The choice between the two was a difficult one.  In a Fifth wheel, we could have the most overall space, including a full bunk room for Christopher. The downside is that our travel time would be spent confined to a vehicle rather than having the more open space in a class A coach.  The other con was the cost of the truck that we would have to buy in order to tow the size of Fifth Wheel that we want.

One of the pros of a Class A is that everything is self-contained. No hooking up to truck, you can grab a snack from the fridge while cruising down the road and just have more space during your driving time.  The biggest con is price, since it is all one unit, you are paying for your living space and your vehicle.

Since we would have to purchase a large, expensive ($50K+) truck to tow a fifth wheel, a class A just made more sense for our situation.

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