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What we our doing AFTER getting our motorhome.

May 19 – Winslow, AZ to Trailer Village, South Rim Grand Canyon

Today’s drive of 128 miles was a breath of fresh air. It was a short drive and we were finally at a stopping point in our journey. For the last 8 days we had moved to a different place each day, packing up and setting up each day. It wears on you a bit, but when you have a goal ahead of you, it keeps you going. Once we got to our campsite on the south rim of Grand Canyon’s Trailer Village, we will be stationary for 6 whole days. I am on vacation from work, so I will be able to rest up from the wear and tear of the journey thus far.

We stopped at a Walmart Super Center on the way to the Grand Canyon to resupply for our stay. Here, Christopher saw and touched snow for the very first time. We were able to have a small snow ball fight.

Christopher’s first time seeing snow.

Finally on the road to the Canyon

The road leading to the south rim.
The road leading to the south rim.
The main gate!

Christopher is happy to be here

Christopher has conquered the rock!

Elk are plentiful at Trailer Village

Camping with elks.

May 18 – Albuquerque, NM to Winslow, AZ

Today’s drive of 276 miles was better. Amber drove for 2-3 hours today until she had to stop because her eyes were bothering her. She is going to try again tomorrow. Winds were not as strong as yesterday, but at times I had to keep Irving from heading off into the nothingness on either side of us. We left New Mexico and entered Arizona, one more day until we get to the Grand Canyon. The step grades were enough to slow Irving down again, but he did great. We crossed the Continental Divide in New Mexico, which is 7,275 ft. above sea level.

New Mexico driving:

New Mexico driving.

We crossed the Continental Divide (7,275 ft.) in New Mexico:

Continental Divide in New Mexico

We crossed into Arizona:

Arizona Border

Before setting up camp, we visited Meteor Crater:

Meteor Crater
Astronaut Hall of Fame

We added two more states to our travels:

Our Travels

May 17 – Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM

Today’s drive of 288 miles was pretty stressful. Winds were strong and I had to keep Irving from swaying all over the road. We left Texas and entered New Mexico and the terrain got very mountainous very fast. Irving was great, but the grades were enough to slow him down. Amber got to rest again. She said she is feeling more like herself and we will assess whether she can drive in the morning. We may get her in the drivers seat for a hour to start the day to see how things go.

After 3 days in Texas, we crossed the border into New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico

Christopher got some great shots of the mountains as we went through them

New Mexico mountains and a 5 y/o foot
New Mexico mountains

May 16 – Wichita Falls, TX to Amarillo, TX

Today’s drive of 238 miles was pretty uneventful and Amber got to rest while I handled the driving. She is feeling a little better today, but is still having headaches and feeling very tired. I will be taking the day off of work again to drive while she continues to regain her strength.

We left Jellystone

Hey Boo Boo!

And saw a wind farm

Wind Farm – Harrold, TX
Wind Turbine – Harrold, TX

May 15 – Gladewater, TX to Wichita Falls, TX

Today’s drive of 250 miles was very stressful. We had to drive through Dallas and Waze changed the route a few times while we were driving. We are going to check into using a different app from now on to try to avoid the stress. Amber is still having lingering effects of hitting her head. I will be taking the day off of work again to drive while she tries to regain her strength.

Here are some pictures of Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch.

Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch
Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch
Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch
Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch
Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch

And some of the facilities.

Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch – Laundry
Jellystone Park at Coyote Ranch – Bath

May 14 – Vicksburg, MS to Gladewater, TX

Today’s drive of 245 miles was pretty uneventful. It was welcome after yesterday’s drama. Amber is having lingering effects of hitting her head. She is having headaches, nausea and sometimes does not remember things. The paperwork we got from the urgent care clinic says this is normal, but Amber cannot drive tomorrow, so I will be taking the day off of work to drive while she tries to regain her strength.

We crossed the Mississippi River

Approaching the Mississippi River
Big Bridges
The Mighty Mississippi

Left Mississippi into Louisiana

Welcome to Louisiana

And had an uneventful drive on I-20 into Texas

I-20 W
Welcome to Texas

Where we are staying the night. Hope you like the pictures!

May 13 – Robertsdale, AL to Vicksburg, MS

Our third day started very badly. Amber decided to check Irving’s tires while I was on the other side of our coach. While she was checking the pressure of the passenger side back tire under a slide, she hit her head and opened up a large cut in her scalp.

Nasty cut.

My first feeling was panic. We were far from home and we didn’t know the area. She went to the campground office and both a retired nurse and former EMT said it looked like she needed stitches. We immediately got on our phones looking for an urgent care facility we could go to. Fortunately we found one relatively close by, so we finished getting Irving ready to roll and headed down I-10 to the clinic. She is fine now thanks to the staff.

Clean and Ready for Staples
All Stapled Up

We then focused on getting food and getting back on the road ASAP. With such a late start, I focused on getting to our next stop as quickly as I could.

I-10 eventually led to the rolling hills of Hwy 98 and Hwy 49.

Highway 98 – Mississippi
Highway 98 – Mississippi
Highway 98 – Mississippi

With all that happened the earlier today, a long drive through mostly “back” roads was enough to make all the worries melt away.

May 12 – Tallahassee, FL to Robertsdale, AL

Azela Acres RV Park – Ms. Gaye

The second leg of our trip was about 231 miles and it took us about 5 hours with stops.

We knew that meeting people at campgrounds was part of RV life. We met Ms. Gaye, the owner of Azalea Acres RV Park while walking around the park after dinner. She loved talking and telling us about the park and shared a bit of her life with us. Christopher enjoyed talking with her, telling her random things about his life. I can’t help think about what our son is learning from this trip. I hope he remembers this for the rest of his life.

Cross Country Here We Come!

We made a reservation at Trailer Village RV Park at the Grand Canyon in August and it’s almost time to leave for our cross country trip we start on May 11th. Since we made that reservation we have been planning our route and making reservations at various campgrounds. We had planned to come right home after staying at the Grand Canyon, but we will be continuing on to California so I can attend the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in June.

It is our first cross country trip, so we a combination of excited and nervous, but one things is certain. We dreamed of buying an RV and seeing the country and that dream is coming true. This is the beginning of our long journey of seeing as many places as we can with our amazing motorhome.

I will be posting each day of our journey with pictures and mini reviews of where we are staying each night, so stay tuned!

Towing A 2016 Honda HR-V Manual Transmission Four-Down

When Amber suggested a Honda HR-V as a tow vehicle, I started searching the web for information on whether it was possible to tow four-down behind a motorhome. I couldn’t find any definitive information on whether an automatic or manual transmission could be towed this way, but, from other make and model owners manuals I had read, towing a manual was pretty much a given.

We found a manual at a dealership in Tampa and made arrangements to test drive and talk numbers. I was a bit rusty, but I was able to do a test drive and it was just like riding a bike again, you never forget. Once we hashed out numbers, we asked them to provide us definitive documentation that the vehicle we were about to purchase could be towed four-down. After a bit of time, they provided us with a salesperson training brochure that mentioned being able to do it. They also said that in the HR-V owners CD, it has a section on what needs to be done to accomplish this.

Since I could not find any definitive documentation on the web, I figured I would provide the actual page from the owners CD that outlines how to tow a 2016 Honda HR-V with a manual transmission four-down.

Towing HR-V Manual Transmission Behind a Motorhome