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Our New Motorhome Pad

For two months, we have parked our motorhome in a RV storage lot close by our home. I felt like I was wasting my money by paying for a parking spot. We couldn’t plug it in and keep the A/C running and it was inconvenient for taking trips. We had to fill the car up and take loads of things to the storage lot to put in our coach. I decided that I could use the money I was paying every month for storage to have a concrete pad poured at our home and a 50 amp electrical outlet installed for preparing for trips.

I researched Pinellas County ordinances to make sure we are allowed to park our coach at home. After a couple of phone calls to code enforcement and some web searches, we were confident we would not be breaking any laws doing it. We will be bringing Irving home in two days. We had to let the 6″ thick pad cure to support the weight of our coach. We can’t wait to have him home to prepare for trips.