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Camco 43051 20′ Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support

Leaving your sewer connection hose laying on the ground is not the best solution. Depending on the grade of the ground it is sitting on, the hose could end up backing up because it is not naturally sloping downward into the sewer connection. You can take care of up to 20′ of hose using this useful support.

Lazydays Campground – Seffner, FL

Irving at Lazydays campground in Seffner, FL.
Irving at Lazydays campground in Seffner, FL.


Date Stayed: 06/18/20016

This is our first campground review. Until we stay at more places and find out what is important to report, we will still be feeling our way through this process.

We spent one night at this campground the day after we took delivery of our coach, so we didn’t get a chance to see everything this campground has to offer.

There is a big, screened in swimming pool, a restaurant and a large activities room at the main building. The camp site was big enough to hold our class A with a little room left over and had full hookups. The sewer cover was on way too tight and we didn’t have tools (1st night at a campground), so we had to call for a maintenance person to help get it off. They came quickly and had it off in no time.

There was no much to do in the immediate area of the campground. There is a truck stop and a few restaurants, but that’s it. Walt Disney World is only about 30-45 minutes down I4, so this might be a great place to stay to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the Orlando area.

Like I said, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time here, but we would be interested in staying again.

Our Second Night

Our first campground stay at Lazydays in Seffner, FL.
Our first campground stay at Lazydays in Seffner, FL.

The dealership was great about addressing the issues with our coach, so we got to spend the night at their campground last night.

We got some good practice getting hooked up to electric, water and cable TV. We were disappointed that the TVs in our coach (one in the bedroom and one in the living room) were not showing cable channels. We called our dealer’s 24 hour help line and they suggested scanning the cable signal for channels. That worked just fine. We held off hooking up the sewer line, more on this later. We were hungry and tired after a long day, so we went to dinner.

While at dinner, a pretty significant thunderstorm blew in and dumped heavy rain on us. We didn’t feel like hooking up the sewer line in the rain, so we went inside to get ready for bed. Christopher and I finished our shower and Amber wanted to get in next. I checked the level of the gray tank and it showed full. Oops. If we had hooked up before dinner, we could have, at least, dumped enough water out to allow Amber to take her shower. To make things worse, this morning when I went to hook up the sewer line, I discovered that the previous occupant had screwed the lid on way too tight and I couldn’t take it off. We didn’t have any tools, so we had to wait until 9:00am to call the office and have someone help us take it off. This really cut into the time we had to get our tanks dumped so we could check out of the park at 11:00am. Fortunately, it all worked out and we were able to dump all of our tanks before heading out right at 11:00am.

Lesson #1: Set up all connections as soon as your arrive at the campsite to address issues right away.

Our First Night In Our New Motorhome

It was an overwhelming day yesterday. We took the driver’s confidence course, which was great for both of us. Amber had never driven a vehicle as big as our coach and I had only driven ours once during the test drive. Amber did great, better than me in certain places. 😉

Then it was time to do the walk-through. There is a lot to know and Amber felt a bit overwhelmed after it. Not so much for me since I have been reading the owners manual for the last few weeks and I was somewhat familiar with the systems and workings. For anyone that isn’t familiar with a class A coach, there is the generator, fresh water, black water, gray water tanks, batteries, liquid propane (LP) tanks, among other things. It can be pretty overwhelming. We also found some issues that will be addressed this morning. From what I have heard, this is common since there are so many things in these motorhomes.

Next, it was time to spend the night at the dealership’s lot. We had a 50 amp electric hookup, so the vital systems of the coach, the A/C’s (there are two, it’s Florida, this is vital to us), fridge, water heater, and water pump, were fully operational on AC. We had a full tank of fresh water (91) gallons, so we had to take it easy on the water, but no big deal since are used to water restrictions. The bed was pretty hard, much harder than we are used to, we have a memory foam mattress at home. We will definitely be looking for a mattress topper for it, but since the size of the beds in RVs are different from residential beds, it may be a challenge.

For our first time ever in a motorhome, I think we did pretty good. We did forget some things (ibuprofen, waste baskets, etc.), but we are hoping this becomes second nature after a while. We are planning on staying at the dealership’s campground tonight, at least that’s the plan if they can get the issues we discovered fixed.

Our RV Journey Starts This Weekend!

We have signed the papers and it’s time to take delivery of Irving, our name for our new motorhome tomorrow. We were supposed to take delivery on June 4th, 2016, but we were having a hard time finding storage, so we delayed it until now. We are so anxious about finally having it and planning trips!

We will stay the first night at Lazydays, the dealership where we purchased the motorhome. We are taking the driver’s confidence class during the day and have the walkthrough after that, then we stay with only an electrical connection and full water tanks that night. Saturday night, we will stay at their campground and get a feel for what camping will be like.

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

We bought this water filter as an inexpensive way to clean the water coming into our coach from campground spigots. We eventually went with a cartridge type filter, but this one served us well when we used it. It comes with a short piece of hose with a spring on the end to help stop kinks in the hose. A great value.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12

Toilet paper is a necessity, obviously. But you can’t just put any toilet paper in your black tank, you need the rapid dissolving kind. There are many brands out there, we just happened to get this because we used to use Scott for many years.

Valterra Products, Inc. A01-0141VP Plastic Carded Removable Anti-Siphon Valve

Cleaning out the black water tank is essential for keeping it clean and smelling good. We use a garden hose with this anti-siphon valve to make sure the contents of the black tank do not end up backwashing into the fresh water supply. We have found that only after two uses, the threads on this are starting to come apart. We will be looking for a metal one very soon, most likely.

Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator

In manual for our coach, it specifically states that we need to make sure the water pressure coming in from fresh water connections is a maximum of 50psi. This neat little tool not only allows you to measure the water pressure coming out of the spigot, but has an adjustment screw so that it can be set. I set ours at 50psi once and have not had to adjust it again.

Valterra W01-9300 Blue 5/8″ x 25′ Drinking Water Hose

Drinking water hoses are essential for either filling your fresh water tank or hooking up to a campground’s water supply. A lot of drinking water hoses are white, but Valterra makes this blue one. 25′ may sound long, but it depends on how far you are away from the fresh water supply.