Irving Is Now Home!

We picked up Irving yesterday after over a mouth at the dealership. Our slides are working great, our 1/2 bath door is opening all the way, the wallpaper on the passenger side front is fixed and the windshield is brand new. He is now home and on his pad in our yard where he should be. Next, our trip to Ft. Desoto park on Tuesday! Look for the review shortly.

Irving Has Been At The Dealership For A Month

You can read about our issue with Lazydays and their service department here. I don’t need to rehash the details. We found another highly rated dealership to have Irving serviced and we dropped him off on November 8th.

Unfortunately, on the way up to the dealership, about 1.5 miles from reaching the destination, a rock hit the windshield and put a crack in it. So, in addition to the other issues we needed to have looked at, we had to submit a claim to our insurance company for a windshield repair. RV windshields are not something that dealers keep in stock, so one had to be ordered. That took two weeks. Some panels also had to be ordered for the inside driver side walls which took some more time. We are closely approaching a month at the dealership and we got a message from our service advisor saying that the windshield is in and they may have it installed by the end of the week.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any trips planned during the holidays, so a month wasn’t such a big deal. However, we had the coach plugged in at home and kept it climate controlled so that we could keep the moisture at a minimum. We are definitely going to go over the coach to make sure we don’t have any issues before we take it home.

If you haven’t had your coach in for service yet or you are thinking of getting a coach, we have learned that getting service is a VERY long process, so be prepared to be without it for a while.